E2PR provides construction services ranging from preliminary studies and analysis to project design, programming and all aspects of construction. Our expertise includes design, site layout, renovation and rehabilitation services for all types of building projects. Drawing on over two decades of experience in the construction sector, we offer our services in the Île-de-France region and throughout France. Our top priority is to build long-lasting client relationships based on trust – and that makes all the difference.

Our team

At E2PR, our team includes experienced construction specialists in a wide range of fields. This enables us to provide extensive expertise relating to residential buildings, office and service-sector buildings, commercial premises, technical facilities (IT and telecom) and data centers.

Since our company’s inception, we have striven to make E2PR a construction services company that stands out from the crowd not only in terms of the quality of its construction services and customer service, but also in terms of its strong professional values and ethics.

Our values

Competition in the construction sector is intense. Many companies drive prices down, often to the detriment of the quality of their work and the materials they use.

At E2PR, our policy is clear. We guarantee our teams’ technical expertise and their compliance with industry standards. We also take our commitment one step further, by focusing on three key values that guide all of our services.


Do you have an emergency or other problem? Is your project under strict time constraints? At E2PR, we are always attentive to our clients’ needs and quick to find a solution. Our teams are available during extended hours, and we have a quick turnaround time on quotes, measurements and plans. Our industry experience gives us the flexibility to handle contingencies and meet our deadlines.


From analyzing constraints to coordinating the various project players and ensuring regulatory compliance, successful construction project management requires thoroughness and organization. At E2PR, we have developed a tried and tested method for managing projects from start to finish. We work with a reliable network of partners to ensure top quality in all our services.


Clear communication is the key to a successful construction project. With this in mind, at E2PR we have developed a very different approach to customer relationships. We have one guiding principle: be honest. It isn’t always possible to prevent problems from arising during a project, but it is always important to take quick action and keep our clients in the know.

Our approach

A single point of contact for your project

Every project involves a number of different people. Our role is to select, manage and coordinate all of the building trades involved while adhering to specifications and deadlines. We assign a dedicated representative as your point of contact throughout the entire duration of your project.

Up-to-date knowledge of applicable regulation

We keep abreast of BBC energy efficiency standards, PRM accessibility requirements and other regulations, and receive regular training to ensure our adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Preliminary analysis, project and programing phases

Our expertise extends above and beyond construction execution. We also advise and assist clients throughout the project design phase:

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