They said

  • E2PR has worked for Verizon since 1996. Their longstanding familiarity with Verizon's sites and customers was invaluable when Verizon became our client. From the very outset, we were very satisfied with their services. They are readily available and responsive, while also offering good value for money. Since, we have used their services for other clients and have developed a win-win partnership. On a human level, they are very pleasant to work with. We have a good relationship grounded in trust.
    Alexis Moissant Project Manager at Johnson Controls
  • I have worked with many different construction services companies, in both professional and personal capacities, and I immediately noticed a difference with E2PR. They are attentive to their customers' needs, readily available and pro-active. The project manager is quick to understand our needs, and E2PR provides real added value during the entire preliminary phase in terms of project consulting and design. In the end, the final outcome of the office project for Le Pacte was top-notch. They proposed beautiful, wear-resistant materials.
    Ekram Boulegroune Administrative and Financial Director of Le Pacte, a Paris-based production company
  • Why was I satisfied with E2PR? First of all, because they really stayed on schedule. Second, because they honored their commitments. And finally, because they put us at ease. We didn't have to keep an eye on the work; they took care of everything.
    Maître Jean-Olivier Pinton French notaire based in Gentilly
  • E2PR renovated my entire apartment, and I really appreciated their professionalism. They were completely transparent and provided detailed weekly progress reports. The project manager, who served as my single point of contact for the entire duration of the project, was readily available to help. Not to mention the fact that their teams were so nice!

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