• January 2015
  • Paris 17
  • Private individual
  • Residential

An Apartment gets a complete makeover

Renovation work can be pretty stressful for homeowners. This is why at E2PR, we vow to assist our clients every step of the way and to answer their every need and desire whenever possible. They can count on our team’s expertise in the building industry, which we have honed for over 15 years.

One of our clients, an apartment owner in Paris, asked us to us entirely renovate his property. We performed all of the finishing work: demolition, partitioning, false ceilings installation, plumbing and masonry, wall painting, soft and hard floor coating, tiling, flooring, carpentry, electrical work and the installation of a telephone and IT network.

The client wanted to give his kitchen more of a pub atmosphere. We proposed a LED lighting solution with integrated color variations for his bar. We called in several service providers to build the bar but did the wiring as well as the project coordination ourselves.

Our customer was thrilled with the new look and warmly congratulated E2PR upon completion of the project.

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