• June 2015
  • Olonne-sur-Mer (85)
  • Etix
  • IT & Data

Construction of a Datacenter in Olonne-sur-Mer

E2PR, in collaboration with data center specialist Etix, worked on the final construction stages of a new data center in Olonne-sur-Mer, in the Vendée region of France.

This new center can accommodate over a 100 computer racks. It aims to meet the data hosting needs of regional economic stakeholders.

The outer structure of the building was already standing when E2PR was called in to finish the work. All of the fixtures and fittings inside the building were built by E2PR with the exception of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our teams installed fire partitions, metal partitions and supplementary double partitions. Furthermore, a false ceiling and new flooring were installed, and paint work was done.

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