• December 2016
  • Suresnes (92)
  • Philips France
  • Offices

Restoration of Philips’ offices in France

At the end of 2016, Philips Lighting asked the construction company E2PR to renovate its French head office, located in Suresnes, next to Paris. Spotlight on this construction site!

Philips France is located in Suresnes, the Parisian inner suburbs, and in 2016, E2PR was called on to renovate part of its offices. Two big work spaces were concerned by this renovation. But during E2PR’s work, the company couldn’t stop its activity. So they decided to divide the operation in two parts.

The first phase started at the end of November 2016. All the employees of the first open space moved to the second one so E2PR could work on it. After that, the team transformed the 1,000-sq.m. open space in only two weeks. They removed all the partition walls and the carpeting, so they could access the access floor and underfloor service distribution system to restore it. Then E2PR team painted all the walls and ceiling, added new carpeting or new PVC covering, and installed new partition walls to create a new workspace.

The second phase of the project took place at the end of December. All the employees of Philips France moved to the first open space, to leave E2PR to reproduce the same work on the 1,800 square meters of the second open space: removal of carpeting and partition walls, restoration of the electric and computer system in the access floor, new paint, and rearrangement of the space.

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