• March 2017
  • Paris 8
  • Universal Pictures France
  • Offices

Restoration of Universal Pictures France’s offices

Two buildings, ten floors, more than 1,500 square meters – E2PR is currently working on a big project to restore the French offices of Universal Pictures in Paris!

Universal Pictures is a famous American film production company, which produces plenty of successful blockbusters at the box office. The French branch, based in Paris in two buildings located near François 1er street, recently called on the construction work company E2PR to restore their offices.

Of course, it’s impossible for the major to stop business entirely and leave their buildings during the work. So E2PR is completing the project gradually – the company is currently renovating floors one by one as opposed to all at once.

From lobbies to coworking spaces including lavatories, everything is being renovated, or will have to be. E2PR is redoing the floors – replacing the carpeting and tile work – and completely repainting the walls and ceilings. E2PR is renovating the plumbing, and is adding new sinks. They are also cladding the lobby with marble.

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